Before We Meet

What to expect - Neuropsychological Assessment

I meet with clients to explain the purpose and nature of the evaluation. We begin with a comprehensive history taking, and if available, review of important documents and previous reports, including academic reports, medical records, legal documents, and other information relevant to the purpose of the evaluation.  A neuropsychological evaluation involves a wide variety of tasks, most of which are done sitting at a table. There are no invasive procedures, no pain, no needles, or electrodes. In fact, many of the procedures could even be described as fun if you like puzzles and "brain teasers."  The entire evaluation often can take between 3 and 8 hours of face-to-face contact time with variation depending on what specific information is being sought. The evaluation can be scheduled in a single appointment though for more comprehensive evaluations a series of appointments is usually preferred.

Once the assessment is complete, I will score and interpret your performance and write a report.  This usually takes about two weeks, at which time we will schedule a feedback session where we will review your results and discuss recommendations.  This will also serve as an opportunity for you to ask questions.  You will be provided with a copy of your report and copies may be forwarded to your physician, attorney, or human resources department / office of student disabilities.

What differentiates me from many other neuropsychologists is that I provide more than just a report;  I can work with you to maximize recovery of cognitive functioning, develop strategies to return to school or work, and provide both support and guidance along the way as you return to optimal functioning.

What to expect - Psychotherapy

I would encourage you to think of our first session as an initial consultation. I will do my best to understand you and the unique concerns that bring you in. At the end of the session we will decide together if psychotherapy seems like a viable treatment option.Time invested during this evaluation period to more fully understand you and your specific concerns is typically time well spent in the long run.

At the end of the evaluation period I will offer recommendations about potential treatment options and some initial thoughts about what psychotherapy with me would be like, if that were recommended. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your future therapist. It is also important for your future therapist to have the skills and experience necessary to treat your specific concerns. If we agree that a good match exists between us in these ways, then we will schedule future therapy sessions. If not, then I will provide you with referrals to other services or qualified professionals who may be better suited to help you.


The beginning of our first session will be spent reviewing documents that address issues such as confidentiality, billing, the therapy process, and more. Copies of the forms will be available on a clipboard in the waiting area prior to your initial session. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early so that you can look over the forms before our session begins. Time permitting, I  can also mail you the forms so that you may complete them at your convenience prior to our first visit. One important note: please do not sign the forms until we have had a chance to discuss them and make sure that you fully understand them.


Disclaimer: This website is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute clinical advice. If you are having an emergency and require immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.